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Clarity Coaching and Training
I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.

- Albert Einstein, Physicist, Nobel Prize Winner

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does coaching work?
Coaching engages you in powerful and insightful ‘coaching conversations’ that clarify your purpose, direction and actions, and help you live your best life. It is a catalytic and exhilarating process that facilitates lasting change. Sessions take place in a private setting - face-to-face or on Skype. It depends on what is preferable to you. Skype enables your coach to go with you wherever you go!

Who is your coach?
Your coach is your partner and advocate on your journey - someone who is totally focused on your life and your success, with no hidden agenda or vested interests. The coaching relationship is one of rare openness and trust.

What happens in a coaching session?
We determine the agenda for our coaching conversations together. Using the CLARITY process your coach asks thought provoking questions to help you clarify your goals and values, whilst helping you get past any barriers and eliminate the heavy costs of defining yourself and your success too narrowly. We provide the tools, structure and consistent, independent feedback to keep you focused and on track. We agree on ‘own work’ assignments between sessions to keep you moving forward.

How does coaching begin?
We typically begin with a slightly longer ‘Discovery Session’, where we design our coaching alliance together, and agree what the initial priorities are for the coaching. At this stage we may decide to use one or more Assessment tools.

How many sessions are recommended?
Experience shows that eight to twelve sessions, over a two to three month period, will most likely lead to meaningful results. However, we decide together on the length and frequency of your sessions, and you may need only one or two, or want to continue for a longer period. A coaching session typically takes one hour.

Is confidentiality protected?
Confidentiality is guaranteed. Nothing from a coaching session will ever be revealed by us to anyone else. You can decide what you wish to share about your coaching, and with whom. We are members of the ICF and EMCC and work to their Professional Standards and Codes of Conduct.

How should I choose a coach?
Research shows that the coaching relationship is as important as the coaching approach, so it is important that you speak with the potential coach to get an idea of the ‘fit’ between you. Ask about their approach and qualifications and if they ‘walk the talk’ and have their own coach! Do they work with a supervisor and do they have membership of a professional body, such as the ICF or EMCC. The Codes are available on their sites, or from me.

Is coaching therapy?
Coaching is mostly forward looking and focuses on solutions, rather than causes. It leverages what is ‘going right’. Therapy tends to look backwards to diagnose causes of distress to bring the client back to ‘normal’ functioning. If I feel you need a therapist rather than a coach I will refer you.

What is coaching based on?
Coaching draws from a variety of disciplines, including adult learning theory, psychology (humanist-positive-solution focused-cognitive), the dynamics of change, philosophy, neuroscience (brain based coaching), blended with the coaches own life experience and coaching practice.

What is my financial investment?
The guideline is CHF150 for a one hour session, the fee for several sessions is lower. Fees include preparation and ongoing support. Gift certificates are available if you want to give the gift of coaching. You take away new knowledge, changed attitudes, and tools that you can use for life.

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