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Clarity Coaching and Training
I am not a teacher, only a fellow traveller of whom you have asked the way - I pointed ahead - ahead of myself as well as you.

- George Bernard Shaw
Winner, Nobel prize for literature 1925

Co-active® Coaching

We are trained in and incorporate the influential model of coaching developed by the Coaches Training Institute into our work. Co-active® Coaching has been successfully utilized worldwide for both personal and corporate coaching. The book, Co-active® Coaching (2007) Whitworth, Kimsey-House & Sandahl, is cited as a learning resource on many other coach training curriculums.

The Aim
The goal is to forward and enhance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness and fulfillment.

The Principles
Coactive® Coaching is based on the beliefs that we want to live:
  • fulfilling, meaningful lives - as defined by ourselves
  • balanced lives - making conscious, aware choices
  • the fullness of our lives - as we are experiencing them now.

The Foundations
The Co-active® coach sees the client as:
  • naturally creative in finding the answers for themselves
  • the expert in their own life so does not prescribe for the client
  • holistic, so takes into account the client’s whole life

The Coach
The Co-active® coach is:
  • flexible to the client’s needs - no ready-made solutions or 'one-size-fits all' techniques
  • intensely curious - helping the client to discover their path
  • a powerful questioner and listens at a very deep level
  • intuitive as well as logical in approach
  • working wholly for the client’s agenda
  • aiming for positive action, arising from deepened learning

The Relationship
The basis is confidentiality, trust, respect and truth. It is all important and created by the coach and client together.

Co-active® Coach Training
The course includes 15 days of intensive classroom work, self-study, live coaching and a written exam.