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Clarity Coaching and Training
The purpose of life is to be happy.

- Dalai Lama

Personal Resources

The CLARITYscope - assessing life satisfaction
This illuminating exercise asks you to consider important areas of your life and reflect on how contented you are with each area at the present time. This is very useful for deciding where you want to make changes and what your priorities are.

Click here to download the CLARITYscope (619k)

Reading - exercise for the mind and soul
Here are some books that inspired us, we learnt from, or challenged our thinking. Let us know what you are reading!

Click here to download our personal Reading List (424k)

Clarifying Questions - coach yourself
Clarifying Questions are essential for bringing clarity and positive change to our lives. The quality of the question is very important. Compare “Why don’t I have this? with “How can I have this?” The first question limits - the second opens up the possibilities. Here are some questions you could be asking yourself. A coach can ask you more.

Click here to download your Clarity Questions (273k)