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Business Assessments

Start and finish right
The weakest links in the learning and development process are:
  1. diagnosing strengths and learning needs accurately; and
  2. transferring learning from coaching and training to the workplace.

If you want meaningful results you need to start and finish right, or you will find you have been energetically ‘cutting a path through the wrong jungle’.

‘Starting right’ means assessing needs in relation to business. Here is a selection of validated assessments we have used to help our clients:
  • Performance
    ACHIEVERS® - is training the solution?
  • Competencies
    MAP® for managers
    STAR® for sales
    ACT® for support staff
  • Personal Style
    MBTI® - personal preferences
    Strengths Finder® - character strengths
  • Team Roles
    Belbin® - team roles
  • Learning Preferences
    Learning Agility® - predicts success

‘Finishing right’ means following up and evaluating learning interventions. We are expert at evaluating the results of learning interventions in terms of reaction, learning, behavioural change and business impact.